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Replacing windshield wiper blades is a low priority task for most drivers. As a rule, we suddenly remember that the wiper blades are worn out only in the toughest conditions, when it’s either raining or snowing hard. About 20% of accidents result from impaired visions caused by a dirty windshield. Manufacturers recommend to inspect wiper blades every 6 months and replace them as soon as they diminish wet-windshield visibility. Below we offer you the key tips on how to choose wiper blades for your vehicle, recommendations on how to replace windshield wiper blades as well as a list of the top selling Amazon windshield wiper blades.

Tips on How to Choose Wiper Blades

No matter where you live, unpredictable weather conditions will affect your driving visibility, so be always ready with a good set of wiper blades. To ensure you always know where you’re driving, it’s essential to choose the right wipers for your car. The following tips on how to choose wiper blades will be of use to you.

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  • If your existing wiper blades are streaking, shuddering or squeaking, you should first find out why.
  • Examine the blades and diagnose the problem. Warped and cracked rubber are the two most popular culprits, though you may also see a split or a bent frame in the rubber.
  • Go to, select your vehicle’s make, model and year to display a full selection of wiper blades available and place an order online.
  • Mind that there are two types of blades available. The first is a conventional blade design that features a steel superstructure with blade claws, a rubber wiping element and some connection points. Another one is a beam blade design, the latest development in wiper technology that offers even pressure and enhanced clarity in all weather conditions.
  • Though the beam blade is supposed to be an all-season wiper, there are special winter weather blades equipped with superior armors and synthetic blended materials, a great option for providing you with maximum performance in the toughest weather conditions.
  • Once the blades you ordered arrive, test them at the highest speed.
  • Replace the blades in half a year to ensure maximum reliability.


  1. Never drive with one of the blades broken. Even if you’re an experienced driver, it’s not safe to drive when you can see only one half of the windshield.
  2. When your vehicle is at rest in winter, lift your wipers off the windshield. In such a way, you will prevent them from freezing to the glass.
  3. Get in the habit of cleaning wipers each time you fill the gas tank.

Wiper Blade Installation: Step-by-Step Instructions

Windshield wipers are made with three parts: lower wiper arm that extends from the base of the windshield, a metal blade attached to the lower arm, and a rubber blade that actually wipes the windshield. When buying windshield wiper blades, you’re only changing the third (rubber) part, which get worn down by water.

Raise the metal wiper arm away from the windshield. It will hold steady in a position perpendicular to the windshield.

  • To unhook the old wiper blade, press the stopper (look at the joint where the rubber wiper meets the metal arm) and unhook the old part, separating it from the metal arm.
  • Slide a new wiper to the same end of the arm where you pulled the old part out. Pivot the new wiper gently, until the hook snaps into place to secure it.
  • Lay the wiper back against the windshield and repeat with the second wiper.

Shop Amazon Top-Selling Amazon Wiper Blades

Look through the list below and find out which wiper blades are best on Amazon, choose the items that will fit your vehicle and place an order online.

*** We’ll start with the most expensive set and move to cheaper items.

Bosch 22A ICON Wiper Blade, 22″ (Pack of 1) comes with neither brackets nor hinges, which offers improved design that distributes more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade. This allows the blade to last 40% longer than other wiper blades.

22 inch Bosch 22A ICON Wiper BladeDimensions: 22.4 x 2.3 x 1.1 inches

Weight: 9.6 ounces

Patented beam design with shielded connector for better visibility in the toughest weather conditions

Exclusive tension spring arcing technology creates a fit that’s custom-contoured to the curvature of each side of the windshield

Exclusive pre-installed weather shield connector system makes for easy installation and protects the arm connection from ice and snow build up

I bought these to replace the rain-x ones that had dried out. These hug the windshield much better and do not move around as much at highway speeds due to the spoiler. These are streak & noise free. I really like them. I hope they hold up well. (posted by Alan)

Bosch 4822 Evolution All-Season Bracketless Wiper Blade, 22″ (Pack of 1) (also known as beam blades) are designed without any metal/plastic brackets, joints or hinges of conventional wiper blades, which means there will be no snow or ice built up.

Bosch 4822 Evolution All-Season Bracketless Wiper Blade

Dimensions: 25.4 x 0.9 x 2.6 inches

Weight: 1 pound

Specially blended natural rubber wiping edge removes the smallest droplets for clear visibility and safer driving

Symmetrical wind spoiler uses air flow to increase blade-to-windshield contact

These wiper blades are the best I’ve purchased. Purchased 2 sets, one for my husband’s truck and one for my car. They are quiet and streak free. Only had them a few weeks, but used about half a dozen times. Loved them so much, plan to buy a set for my daughter’s car. Read on previous reviews the wipers were shipped separately but I received both sets in one box. I have Amazon Prime so the shipping is not an issue for me. The Amazon Prime saves so much on shipping. Also saved a lot compared to local auto parts stores (around 1/2 price). So far I am very happy with my purchase. (posted by Speedy04)

Bosch 20-CA Clear Advantage Beam Wiper Blade – 20″ is the best all-weather performer ever. It will withstand the harshest treatment during the most severe winter months. With Bosch 20-CA Clear Advantage Beam Wiper Blade you will experience clean and clear result for optimum visibility and driving safety.

Bosch 20-CA Clear Advantage Beam Wiper BladeDimensions: 20.7 x 2.2 x 2 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Precision-tensioned steel spring applies uniform pressure along the entire blade length

Aerodynamic wind spoiler improves airflow to create downforce and prevent blade lift-off

Graphite-treated natural rubber wiping edge for reduced friction and noise

I received a single wiper to test as part of Amazon’s Vine program. After driving around with one new Bosch wiper and one not too old Goodyear wiper blade, it became quickly evident that the Bosch Advantage was a far superior wiper. The Goodyear squeaked and streaked constantly so that I had to manually decide when to wipe so that it wouldn’t drive me too nuts. Installing the Bosch was really easy once I figured out how to get the old wiper off. And now I can drive in all kinds of wet weather without going nuts with the squeak squeak of my old wiper. (posted by K. Groh)

Trico 12-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 12″ (Pack of 1) is manufactured to directly fit specific wiper arm types. You won’t have to sort through numerous adapters to see which one fits or read complicated illustration instructions. The wiper blade’s receptor exactly matches the arm style of the vehicle. Just a click and your done.

Trico 12-A Exact Fit Rear Wiper BladeDimensions: 22 x 2.5 x 1 inches

Weight: 4 ounces

This Exact Fit rear wiper blade fits the Roc Loc 2 arm

Pre-assembled to precisely match vehicles specific arm type

No additional adapters required

Exact O.E. appearance for domestic and import vehicles

I was wary making this purchase for my 2008 Toyota Rav4 since I had seen other sites recommending that the best option for the rear wiper blade was to go to Toyota and buy from them. The fit was perfect, and the installation simple (and the instructions were accurate). Saved 50% by buying from Amazon vs Toyota. (posted by DavenBuster)

Valeo 600-13 Series Wiper Blade, 13″ (Pack of 1) has a an all-metal vented superstructure for premium wipe quality at all speeds, galvanized steel for superior corrosion resistance and pin-type construction for improved blade-to-windshield contact and extended durability.

Valeo 600-13 Series Wiper BladeDimensions: 25 x 2.7 x 0.7 inches

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Easy fit solutions included; universal U-clip is preassembled on most popular blades

Tec3 Advanced Rubber Technology has a synthetic rubber upper-body for a natural rubber wiping edge and protective coating

Valeo wipers help to improve driver safety and confidence by providing optimum visibility in all weather conditions

I own an ’05 Ford Escape and have tried 3 popular brands of blades, including the original Motorcraft blades. All of the blades skipped over a couple areas of the windshield. I was beginning to think the windshield was warped.
The Valeo blades (20″ and 18″) are the only ones that make clean, solid sweeps across the entire windshield.
I will purchase them again. (posted by CS Ohio)

Visit Amazon, choose the items that will fit your vehicle the most and place an order right away! Enjot safe driving with Amazon Top-Selling Amazon Wiper Blades.

Author: Katherine Crayon