When it comes to active winter sports, one may think about skating, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, etc. However, what about motorcycling? What can be better than riding a roaring monster? If you are a fan of riding a motorcycle, you know that riding in cold climates is difficult: the rider has not only to be extra-cautious on the road but also protect him/herself from cold.
Cold weather riding may be a serious issue; however, we have solved the problem for you. Forget about cold and wind with motorcycle winter accessories we have chosen. Read on to find about the best helmets, gloves, and mitts on the market.


Helmet is a must-have item if you mount a bike under any circumstances. If you are planning to ride your bike in cold climates, it is necessary not only to protect you from accidental falls but also from freezing cold and blistering wind. Check out some helmet models below!

Raider Silver X-Large Full Face Snowmobile Helmet

Silver Helmet&bnspThis full-face helmet guarantees you the best cold weather riding experience. The good news is that the helmet can be easily converted for snowmobiling: you just need to change from an electric-shield dual lens to the dual lens. The helmet is made of a lightweight plastic that guarantees great protection without overweighting. The optically correct shield can be easily removed thanks to a toolless quick detach mechanism. It features a multi position ratchet and a 6 vent to allow the driver to breathe freely. The helmet is available in three sizes and six colors.

Raider Red X-Large Full Face Snowmobile Helmet

Red HelmetThis helmet is identical to the previous one but comes in red. The 4.8-pound helmet features a lightweight thermoplastic shell, clear multi position ratchet, toolless quick detach mechanism, optically correct dual shield, and is equipped with a high flow ventilation system.

Raider Blue Large Full Face Snowmobile Helmet

3-Blue-HelmetThis helmet is identical to the previous two but comes in blue. As it was mentioned above, you can order the helmet is six colors: silver, red, blue, yellow, green, and black. You can also choose from three different sizes: X-Large, Large, and Medium.


It may sound weird, but comfortable gloves are the most important component when it comes to cold weather riding. You need to choose a good quality glove designed especially for cold weather riding, that is, it should be comfortable and warm enough; it should also have a good grip. Don’t forget about the wind chill factor and hand fatigue too when choosing your gloves. Check out some great glove models below!

Decade Motorsport Street Gloves

Street GlovesThese gloves are made of full-grain goatskin leather to guarantee a perfect grip and prevent hand fatigue. A powerful spandex body promotes mobility, durability, and comfort. The double-stitched leather and a durable polymer knuckle cage with knuckle caps not only let you forget about cold but also provide ultimate protection. In other words, these gloves are not only full armored but also comfortable with their ergonomic design, gel palm padding, and unrestricted wrist movement.

Decade Motorsport Street Cruiser Gloves

Cruiser GlovesThese gloves are made of durable goatskin leather to guarantee high quality, easy wrist movement, and overall comfort. They feature a powerful knuckle cage of high-impact polymer and interior protective caps to protect finger joints. The grip is very good thanks to embedded Gpact gel pads. The hand fatigue is minimal thanks to a secure wrist tab closure and ergonomical fit and grip design.


The wind chill factor may be a problem even if you wear several layers of clothes. To prevent your hands from getting cold, you may use mitts. Mitts are perfect to keeping your hands and arms warm, especially when it comes to cold wind and brush. Check out the following model!

QuadGear Black ATV Mitts

6-ATV-MittsQuadGear Black ATV Mitts are great to protect your hands from wind and brush thanks to a tough UV resistant shell made from ProtekX fabric. The mitts do resist not only wind but also water and, as a result, protect against weather and abrasion. The mitts are warm too. They feature a soft insulated lining on the interior. The good news is that the mitts are equipped with an interior pocket for a heat pack.

  • Provides excellent protection from wind and cold;
  • Fits handlebars of ATVs, snowmobiles, and motorcycles;
  • Features tough and warm, water-repellent fabric inside and outside;
  • Equipped with heat pack pockets.

To sum it up,

If you are looking for ways of staying warm when riding your bike, a helmet, gloves, and mitts are items you should start with. If you protect your head, hands, and arms from cold, you will feel much better and saver. Remember that getting cold when riding is very dangerous, so don’t save on your health and check motorcycle winter accessories.